Cleaned Out Compilation

Various Artists

"Cleaned Out!"

    Dark Beloved Cloud dbc002

Track List:

  1. Sleepyhead: "Thumbs Off"
  2. Uncle Wiggly: "Hold On To The Rail"
  3. Kickstand: "Tally Ho!"
  4. * Airlines: "Point That Thing Somewhere Else"
  5. Giant Mums: "Whatever I Do Is..." (on accompanying 7" flexi-disk)

* Players:

    John Tanzer - Vocals, Guitar, Bass
    John Neilson - Guitar, Bass
    Joe Arcidiacono - Guitar, Vocals, Bass
    Tom Kelley - Drums, Percussion

* Recording Info:

    Recorded at: Excello Studios, Brooklyn
    Engineered by: Chad Swanberg
    Produced by: Airlines with Chad Swanberg

"Beyond Music - Pure Radiance!"

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