Steady Goes/No. 2 7"


"Steady Goes"


"No. 2"

    Quixotic QX003-7

Track List:

    1. Steady Goes
    2. No. 2


    John Tanzer - Vocals, Guitar, Bass
    John Neilson - Guitar, Bass
    Joe Arcidiacono - Guitar, Vocals, Bass
    Tom Kelley - Drums, Percussion

Recording Info:

    Recorded at: Excello Studios, Brooklyn
    Engineered by: Chad Swanberg
    Produced by: Airlines with Chad Swanberg

John Peel Show, Jan. 2, 1993 (excerpt):

Press Clips:

    Second Skin (#4 Fall 1992, Alyssa Isenstein)
    "`Steady Goes' is a neat little song that dances like kids around a Maypole. `No.2' sounds sort of like Talking Heads might sound if they were a really good indie rock band. This single is a great document of another splendid band that dares to call New York City home."

    College Music Journal ( 11/20/92, Deborah Orr)
    "`Steady Goes' combines cotton-mouthed, Sebadoh-y vocals with busily swirling guitars and simple, insistent riff, whirring cheerily in mid-air like a little hummingbird. `No.2' is even sweeter, its rhythm stuttering and halting while the guitar plinks hopefully."

    Rockpool ( 12/01/92, Mike Lee)
    "`Steady Goes' is an infectious `60 British psychedelic-influenced rocker replete with spooky vocals and stiff guitar play. The B-side, `No.2' (still got that Wire fixation, eh?) has more of a pop sensibility than the former, and again has that driving rhythm guitar. Speaking of which, both sides succeed at being good driving songs. It's just too bad I don't own a car."

    Billboard ( 11/28/92, )
    "Dueling guitars give the song crazy rhythms and cool melodies, while hazy, doubletracked vocals and bubbly bass put the power in this pop. Easily absorbed into the memory, but elusive enough to require multiple listens."

    Outlet (#? Spring 1993, Trev Faull)
    "This quartet featuring John Tanzer from The Giant Mums and it's a real snake driving getting into top gear with its dual guitar interplay. This is a super whiz of a 45."

    Baby Sue (#12 Spring 1993, Don W. Seven)
    This, the third single from Airlines, is a pure pop delight. "Steady Goes" (the A side and my favorite) features a myriad of electric guitars that will have your head reeling and a happy little tune that'll have your toes tapping."

    Your Flesh (#27 Summer 1993, David Sprague)
    "John Neilson's Joy Division-meets-the Astronauts "Steady Goes" has several legs up on the annoyingly mannered Another Green World crib contributed by Tanzer, but the atmosphere--at once more dank and less hermetic than previous outings--finally gives non-Gothamites a hint as to the Airlines' not-inconsiderable live charm..."

"Beyond Music - Pure Radiance!"

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