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New Miner
  New Miner
New View From The Historical Iron-Chain Bridge
  New View From The Historical Iron-Chain Bridge

Earth must be protected by the power of mind
  "Earth must be protected by the power of mind".

The man on the poster is Konstantin Tsiolkovski, honored
worldwide as an early aircraft pioneer, inventor, and visionary
— the Father of Space Exploration. The poster was released for
the Day of Kosmonavtika (Day of Aviation and Spaceflight),
which is still celebrated every year starting from April 12, 1961,
when Yuri Gagarin first orbited the world on spacecraft Vostok.

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Yuri Gagarin 1962
  Yuri Gagarin, 1962
Brown noses result in defective products...
  In the former USSR people used to give bribes to their bosses, and kiss their ass (what we might call brown noses...). As a result - they kept their jobs, even though what they were producing might be totally defective.

In this poster the mishapen nails look like brown-noses. So, it says something like: "Brown noses result in defective products..." but it sounds much funnier in Russian, plus all of the posters have some sort of rhythm...

bureaucrats, doing nothing.
  Bureaucrats were everywhere, hiding behind the paperwork and useless contracts at their desks, and not really doing anything (similar to the movie Office Space - the red-stapler guy)...

In this poster the bureaucrat is covered in poetry by Vladimir Mayakovski< (genius poet of Soviet times, who was famous for his avant-garde poetry, and who was known as a futurist. He loved Russia, and was a true communist believer...but eventually he shot himself. His life was short but very interesting. He was a great lover, and had the best-looking and most talented women dying for him...). Anyway, he's criticizing those bureaucrats, who hid behind their desk, doing nothing.

meetings, meetings, meetings
  Once again - it's all about the bureaucrats...

It says: "With at least 20 meetings a day, you need to hurry to attend each and every one, and even split in half not to miss any meeting"... So, it's about people going to meetings, meetings, meetings, but never actually doing anything.

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